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Custom Name Decal / Sticker Set - ITALIC

The World's best Custom printed, personalised name stickers / decals for your bike with your Country Flag - This is our Italic Set. Examples can be seen on the left

In our Italic set all the letters are italic

The height of the sticker is 10mm (the flag is 8mm high). The length will depend upon your own name, but to give you an example, the WALTER GODEFROOT in the picture is 98mm long including the flag

Our decals are the finest quality available anywhere on the planet. We supply Professional Cycling Teams, and have made decals for Tour de France / Giro d'Italia / Vuelta a Espana winners, World and National Champions, Classic winners etc etc...

We print them on a clear gloss background for a clean look and like all our stickers, they are printed on best quality vinyl
Please note that if you have a Matt frame, because the background is clear gloss, your frame will look gloss where the decal is

Since our name stickers/decals were reviewed by magazines / websites a few years ago (Cycling Weekly / Cycling Plus / Bike Radar / road.cc / 220 Triathlon / MBUK / Singletrack), many imitation products have appeared, all claiming this and that. Unlike those inferior imitations, the use of Muc-Off, GT85 and WD-40 WILL NOT DISSOLVE THE INK ON OUR DECALS

Easy to apply:
The decals have a transparent application tape. Simply remove the backing, line up on your frame, rub over with your thumb applying pressure, and peel off the application tape!
Can also be clear coated over

Easy to remove:
The stickers are permanent, but if you do need to remove them, heat them with a hairdryer to soften the glue and gently peel off

Our name decals are available in sets of 4, 10 and 20

Please type exactly how you would like it spelled. Be case specific. If you want all caps, then type in all caps. If you want UPPER/lower case, then type in UPPER/lower case. We input text exactly as provided

If you don't see your flag in the list, email us to see if we have it available

* Country Flag:

* Main Text Colour:

* Contrasting Outline (Border):

* Pack Size:

* Name or Text: